Actual equations from the contract on the blockchain:


when you attack an enemy your roll gets +7.5% if your weapon element matches, +7.5% if you're attacking the element weak to you, and they stack additively so +15% if both conditions are met

if you attack what you're weak against, it's -7.5% instead of +, so matching weapon+your weak element is neutral, and your weak+nonmatching weapon is negative 7.5%


We don't have the formulas yet (but they've been teased) but we know the general shape of the equation.

Something like...

EffectivePower ~=

CharacterPower + WeaponAlignmentBonus +/- EnemyElementBonusOrPenalty + ([StatBonus*StatBonusMultiplier] * N)

where N is the number of stats

CharacterPower = Power next to the character icon

WeaponAlignmentBonus = "Character and weapon match gives bonus"

EnemyElementBonusOrPenalty = "Character vs. Enemy ... (references the >> diagram)"

StatBonus = Number on the weapon next to CHA/DEX/INT/PWR/STR

StatBonusMultiplier, something like:

- >1 for "Stat element match with character gives greater bonus"

- =1 for PWR

- <1 for ....not match...

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