For trading characters, first make sure that the receiver has an empty slot to receive the character.

A wallet that has 4 characters can no longer receive a new character.

Character ID

Get the character ID by selecting a character and hovering over their portrait in the game

Connect to Web3

Go to the character contract here:

and click "Connect to Web3" to connect your Metamask wallet.

Please make sure that the connected wallet is the one currently holding the character to be sent, otherwise you will receive a 0.2 BNB gas fee error.

Current Function for Trading Characters

Scroll down to function 10. safeTransferForm and paste the owner's address in the first field, the receiver's address in the second field, and the character ID in the last.

After clicking "Write" you will be required to pay the gas fee for the transaction. Once the transaction has been confirmed you may refresh the game to see the changes.


  1. Please make sure the receiver has a slot for the character. A wallet may hold up to 4 characters max.
  2. Please make sure you had gas fees to pay for the transaction.
  3. Please make sure you are on the correct contract. The contract for trading characters is different from the contract for trading weapons.
  4. Please make sure you are on the correct function. Double check all required data fields. The sending of a character should only require the two addresses and the character's ID.
  5. Double check character IDs to prevent any mistaken sends.
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